Marina Distribution Unit Substation (NMDUS)

Marina Distribution Unit Substation by Seaworthy Marina

Transformer and secondary distribution panel in a single corrosion resistant enclosure

Our complete marina grade distribution unit substation is specifically designed for marina applications from both a cost and efficiency standpoint.  The NMDUS is a unique product that provides the marina developer a clean, low profile design containing a transformer and secondary distribution panel in a single corrosion resistant enclosure; saving installation time and money.

To withstand the harsh marina environment our standard specifications include aircraft aluminum alloy enclosure, white polyurethane, powder coat finish inside and out, copper cables and bussing, copper wound core and coil double dipped in heavy varnish. Suitable for all wet locations including commercial shipyards and RV/Mobile home parks.

For efficient and safe power distribution, along with an attractive dock side design, for reduction of space and labor, the NMDUS is the ideal choice for electrical distribution on the dock.

Marine Distribution Panel

Marine Distribution Panel by Seaworthy Marina

Our Marine Distribution Panel is designed specifically for marine environments. The enclosure is made of aluminum, white polyurethane, powder coat finish with stainless steel hardware and copper conductors and bussing. Over 30 years experience in building electrical distribution equipment assures developers the highest quality and efficient service in providing primary distribution to the marina or yacht club. For more information contact us for complete drawing and specifications.