Pile Caps

Round Pile Caps by Seaworthy Marina

Formerly by Milbank, Marine Products Division

Our Pile Caps are designed to keep water-fowl from nesting on top of marina pilings as well as protecting wood, steel and concrete pilings. Manufactured of the same high density polyethylene as the dock box, these units are extremely durable. A variety of colors are available in all standard round or square sizes (12" to 20"). They are secured to the pilings by use of a quality adhesive (we stock 3M™ brand 5200 Marine Adhesive for this application).

Our Pile Caps are designed to beautify your marina or dock by providing that "finished look". They deter birds from resting and pooping on your pile and reduce water penetration in the end grain of your wood pile or help reduce rust of exposed re-bar on your concrete pile. They can be custom numbered and/or have your marina logo on them.

We also carry a comprehensive line of fiberglass pile caps.